Are you tired of opening phones, damaged testpoints, microscopes, solderings and all this hard stuff when unlocking Nokia BB5 phones?

Solution is simple, fast and AFFORDABLE PRICE: BB5King

- Unlock all network locks
- Reset network lock counters (3/3 10/10)
- Lock to any network (MCC+MNC) !!!
- Repair damaged SP lock area with FFFFFFFFFF (cannot repir damaged IMEI phones)
- Work on FBUS cables using JAF or UFSx (UFS3, Twister, N-Box, ...) boxes
- Can be activated on BB5Box by Raskal

Prices for activations:
1 pcs. 49 eur
20 pcs. 600 eur
100 pcs. 2500 eur

Activations can be buyed/sold starting NOW.
Special prices for BB5 Box by Raskal resellers.

All BB5 Box by Raskal activations are based on BB5 Box Serial Number on our online server.
To activate this feature on BB5 Box an internet connection is required.
Once BB5 Box have this feature activated, there is no more need for an internet connection (can work standalone).

ALL activations will start working from 3-November-2008
Delivery for all dongles will be started on 3-November-2008, but can be preordered any quantity.
Base rule is first come, first served.

Any reseller can "exchange" his activation credits (for BB5 Boxes) with standalone dongles at a later time,
so there is not any risk to remain with unsold activations credits on stock.

Work on following phones:
3109c (RM-274)
3110c (RM-237)
3250 (RM-38)
3500c (RM-272)
3500cb (RM-273)
5200 (RM-174)
5200b (RM-181)
5300 (RM-146)
5300b (RM-147)
5500 (RM-86)
6085 (RM-198)
6086 (RM-188)
6086b (RM-260)
6125 (RM-178)
6126/6133 (RM-126)
6131 (RM-115)
6131 NFC (RM-216)
6136 (RM-199)
6151 (RM-200)
6233 (RM-145)
6234 (RM-123)
6280 (RM-78)
6300 (RM-217)
6300b (RM-222)
6630 (RM-1)
6680 (RM-36)
6681 (RM-57)
6682 (RM-58)
7370 (RM-70)
7373 (RM-209)
7390 (RM-140)
8600 (RM-164)
E50 (RM-170)
E50 (RM-171)
E50 (RM-172)
E60 (RM-49)
E61 (RM-89)
E61i (RM-227)
E62 (RM-88)
E65 (RM-208)
N70 (RM-84)
N70-5 (RM-99)
N71 (RM-67)
N73-1 (RM-133)
N73-5 (RM-132)
N75 (RM-128)
N77 (RM-194)
N80-1 (RM-92)
N80-3 (RM-91)
N90 (RM-42)
N91-1 (RM-43)
N91-8GB (RM-43)
N91-5 (RM-158)
N92 (RM-100)
N93 (RM-55)